doncha wish your mama was cute like mine?

so i’m still clearing my “shit”. my “surprise” for cruz didnt work out. tmd. he was working today lah! *smacks head* and he read my blog that i was going to surprise him. oops. =X

my mum is the cutest. she sms-ed me to make sure i dont go clubbing today and to go home because she’s buying a cake to commerate my “flee-dom™”! cute lah she! i love the fact that she always support me in whatever decisions i make. (but then her motto is, do what you want, just dont ask money from me. lol) if she had said no to me wanting to resign then, i would have listened to her, but she has always told me to follow my heart.

i’ve been getting the “WHY? why are you leaving?!” and the “gosh! i thought you’ll be here like forever” response from everyone. from the cleaning aunties to colleagues to clients… erm, maybe the impression i gave was that i’ll stay here forever. lol.

it’s a bittersweet feeling.. as i took the morning shuttle for the last time.. as i said goodbye to the canteen vendors… and later when i make my rounds to say goodbye to the colleagues i’ve known for 2 years plus.

it’s amazing that i’ve stayed here for 2 yrs plus.. knowing my track record.. i was a job hopper then. somehow i feel sad and in away, i cant bear to leave.

i still remember my first day here. sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday and sometimes it feels like it was eons ago. *getting misty-eyed*

i cant believe i actually let myself get so attached to this place. somehow now, i just cant bear to go. anyway, to the next place i go, pls dont ask me where i’ll be, as per emco, i’ll like to keep it private, till the end. 🙂

i like to keep the things i value, private. just like emco (till i decide to quit) and tiger. 🙂

i’m feeling emo right now. weird isnt it? ive been counting down since goodness knows when and yet now, i feel reluctant to leave.

if things had not changed, i think i would have stayed for a long time. well, i do have an offer to call them if i ever decide to return. :P.

hopefully by then, if i ever decide to return, things would have changed. 🙂