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Off with the hair!

Sabrina passed to me some vouchers for hair services redeemable at Platform Salon sometime ago. And off I went!

Andy Chong who was the director of Platform Salon then fussed over my hair. I was tsked-tsked all the way. :/

If your hair is in this condition, Andy would probably be tsk-tsking at you too!

My hair was out of shape and there were lots of horrible split ends. Andy suggested that I cut off all of the split ends and colour my hair a tad darker and add some highlights.

Say goodbye to split ends!

He brutally sliced off all of my split ends and proceeded to give some shape to my previous V (or was it U?) hair shape. He proceeded to layer my hair so as to add some volume.

The highlights were then added. We agreed on having red and dark blonde highlights with a copper base.

And I absolutely love the results.

The colour was very bright, vibrant was even more eye catching than my previous hair colour. My hair felt very light and I no longer had that weird ugly hair shape. 😛

Andy is such a funny guy. He was making silly jokes all the way! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with him. Great experience with Andy, be sure to ask for him. The only thing that was not in my favour was the price, a tad expensive for a struggling student like me. Thank god for Sabrina’s vouchers!

nadnut’s rating on service and value for money:

If you’ll like to check out the place, here’s the details:

Platform Salon
30 Merchant Road
Riverside Point #02-25
Singapore 058282
(t) 6327 4688