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The Essential Trial @ Platform Salon


As you guys know, not too long ago, I permed my hair and before that, I’ve been constantly dye-ing my hair. As a result, I usually suffer from dry hair and split ends. Aside from that, my hair is pretty flat and fine, I really would love hairstyles with lots of volume but I can’t style my hair! Even the “curry puff” looks falls flat after a while.

When Nuffnang and Kao invited me to The new Essential Intensive Hair Mask Trial, I was psyched about it. (Typical vainpot who loves to pamper herself mahhhhh!)

Turns out that the trial was at Platform Salon which I’ve visited with Sabrina some time back!

Check out the pretty decor!

The product that I was trying today was the Intensive Hair Mask.

There were two available. One being Rich Premier and the other Nuance Airy.

Because I had mentioned I wanted volume and bouncy curls, they recommended Nuance Airy for me!

The NEW Essential Intensive Hair Mask is the only hair product that contains 3 X more High Purity Honey & Milk Protein and Shea Butter! The mask smells great too! Must be from the natural ingredients!

Andy himself did the hair treatment on me and shared some tips on the proper application method.

After shampooing your hair, use a dollop (an appropriate amount) on your wet hair. Place it on the ends and spread it evenly. Do NOT put any of it on your scalp. Leave it on for about 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly!

While waiting, I surfed the Essential’s website. Loads of hair and makeup tips available! Do check it out!!

Pssst. Didja know that the most important part of your hair would have to be the last 15cm of it? That’s because that bit is the most prone to damages from chemical treatments like perming, colouring, rebonding etc AND daily styling! Like I would tong my hair previously! This is why our hair becomes dry and rather frizzy and suffer from those disgusting split ends and tangles!

It is really important to take care of your hair!

Here are some after pictures!

After washing and blow drying my hair, I noticed a difference! My hair was softer and shinier (I dunno why it’s shinier!!) and I love the smell! Really sweet smelling! I love the fact that the hair mask is intensive enough to effectively repair my hair and yet it does not weigh my hair down after use. It doesn’t have that oily or heavy feeling! Really love the product! You gotta try it!

Thanks Nuffnang, Kao and Andy of Platform Salon for giving me the opportunity to be one of the first few to try the Essential Intensive Hair Mask!

Let’s compare the before and after picture!

Before: Ecks! Dryish ends!

After: Soft and silky hair!

You guys should try it! Let me know how it goes!

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  1. I’m using the shampoo now.. Feel not bad.. will try the hair treatment when i got time to go buy it. 😀


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