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the dangers of blogging…

i didnt mean to hurt/anger anyone with my words. i sincerely apologise if anything i have blogged about have hurt yours.

i was not blaming you and was only bitching about the upsetting week (work, projects, presentations, stupid midsems) i was having and the situation we were all in. but honestly after the “showdown” (LOL!) we had, i felt much better. i have never flared up so badly before. scary man.

so sorry again! i really didnt mean to hurt your feelings.. i was more angry over everything that has happened. i was not blaming you for your mistake. whats done is done. nothing we do can change it.

i was more fed up over the whole situation we were in. only given 2 hours to discuss and all of us missing out the part that we had to upload the decision on wednesday and that stupid d***k rushing us like mad and other groups asking  me what the fuck have we done to incur so much debt. bah. laugh at our misery! grrr. they wait! *shakes fist*  anyway, thats what i meant when i blogged that out.

everything just seems to be sucky this week. *grumbles*

peace yeah? 🙂

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