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Samsung’s first Social Media night.

I just came back from a fab time with some other bloggers and some of the Samsung peeps.

Samsung held their first Social Media night today and had hinted very strongly that there would be something very interesting going on. From the invite, we knew that they were gonna show us the Samsung Innov8 but most of us were left scratching our heads at their mysterious hint to bring a digital imaging device.

When I arrived, Daniel gave us a tour of the Samsung flagship store on Samsung’s products from imaging to computer to phones to entertainment. We were fed yummy food like pizzas, calamari, salad, chips, lasagne and many other stuff. (there goes my supposed diet!)

After that, there was this introduction about the Samsung Innov8, about the functions and other abilities. Then the mystery was reveiled!

Basically there was a photo contest! We were asked to take 3 pictures on what inspires us about the Innov8 and we were given 30 mins to take the pictures. We could take them in the store itself or anywhere else.

We would then print the pictures at the store and paste it up the stickyboard and had to explain our concept and ideas about the pictures we took.

Almost everyone left the store then, I remember there was only Claudia, Krisandro, Sylv, Nic and Ben at the store with me. I took all of my pictures within the store. 😛

Here’s my entry! The first picture (from the left) was a picture of me and Krisandro. Basically the Innov8 was a phone i.e. a communication device. It connects and brings people together from any distance be it near or far. The second picture was of my Pinky Ako using the Innov8 as a mirror, the phone is versatile and it can be used in many different ways! And last but definitely not least, the Innov8 can be used as a fashion accessory. Like I mentioned in my explanation, it makes me look good. 😛

Look at the amount of entries! There were 17 entries altogether and 3 would be picked as winners! Winners would win the lovely Innov8!

And guess what?

I WON!!!!!!!!!!!! I really did not expect it. I was even videoing Daniel announcing the winners when my name got called and I hastily switched off the camera to collect my prize!

The 2 other winners are….



Rinaz!! I love the silly pic of Rinaz on the cute car/truck!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Happy meh!

Expect a review soon! Erm, actually not so soon, assignments are killing meh. But as soon as I can!

Thanks Samsung!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

For those interested in having a chance to win the Innov8, I just spotted a contest! Go join! Sounds fun!

11 thoughts on “Samsung’s first Social Media night.”

  1. Nic: thanks bro!

    sylv: Paddy is gonna pass to me the anti theft device. hurhur!

    annant: :X

    Leonard: thanks! I like your pics!

    brian: It was really fun! I really enjoyed myself. Nothing stuffy or boring!

    krisandro: lalalalalalala

    astrorainfall: yeah! very sleek and sexy design!


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