the monopoly affair.

alright! updates!

weeks ago, some of the cowboybarflies and me signed up for the silkair monopoly challenge and the day finally arrived. we were told to register two hours beforehand. thankfully, kingmeng had the foresight to suggest us to sign up for the last heats at 5.35pm. cant imagine if it was the first shift.. i’ll like to have my zzzzz.

outfit of the day. casual long puff sleeve top, jeans, puma bag and lovely necklace from australia and earrings from bangkok.

we paid 5 bucks to register and they gave us this…

10000 bucks notepad. big money! notice the blue tag on my wrist? there’s supposed to be a tag that im supposed to be in the challenge and my table number is indicated there.

tk’s shirt was very cute!

bearbear at the back.

as we had 2 hours to kill, we walked around ngee ann city, grabbed some food and amused ourselves. i amused myself by grabbing hold of this big fat moo.

madness. sooooo big!

there was this shop with a nice display outside. a huge ass icecream cone!

yes, im drooling already.

finally 2 hours was up and we headed back to civic plaza. reminded me of the “good old times” when i had my own event there. lol.

i went to kaypoh a bit and asked which events company handled the event. (its summer productions or summer something). bad habit of mine since ages ago. must kaypoh kaypoh and ask who organise what. 😛

some pics of the place.


part of the stage.

i didnt find the event really well publicised. only at a few weeks before the event, i heard the trailers on air. here’s how it went.

50 tables of 4 playes each with a banker for each heats. top 16 earners by the end of the day advances to the next round.

one of the tables playing.

here’s how it looks like.

i was seated at table number 1 and unfortunately i was placed with a bunch of rather.. erm… i don’t know what to call them. only the indian girl to my left knew how to properly strategise. the guy beside me was buying all colours. maybe collecting a rainbow? while the lady opposite me was…

i wanted to kill her.

to me, you’ll have to give and take. you help others and ppl will help you too. and before i started the game i was thinking, if i couldnt win, i’ll help the person who’s currently the winner to try to advance to the finals (by perhaps selling properties and all at a very low price) but the current winner was … *shakes head*

she offended me by refusing to sell one land even though she didnt need it. whats her reason? she just wanted to keep it. she wasnt nice and irritated the hell out of me.

fine lady. you aint getting any help from me. in the end, the rest of us were shaking our heads.

guess which was mine? yes, the merlion. heh.

in the end, her total amount was a measly 47k. to advance to the finals, you’ll need a minimum of 100k. but thats the way it is, you offend others by playing that way, nobody would help you. *shrugs*. if she had played a different way, i bet the rest of us would have helped her.

i was quite suay. kept stepping on income tax. grrr and had to keep selling my houses and had to mortgage my land. bah.

my total properties left.

at the end of the challenge, tk kindly introduced me to the current champion, the director of settlers cafe. lol, forgot his name. oops. nice chap who invited us to join a few challenges that settlers are organising in the future.

time to brush up on my boardgames. bah, maybe should have an opening ceremony for the star wars monopoly set that i bought for tiger. lol.

a pic with mr monopoly man. cute! i bet he must be suffocating inside. i once tried the gingerbreadman costume for shrek and i was dying inside. and that was just for 5 mins!

bruce and i. cute french guy who’s younger than me!

last but not least. a group pic. the players and their supporters and mr monopoly man!


in the end i had fun. did anyone head down to the finals yesterday? any pics of the lifesize monopoly board?


  1. I was at the game too!

    The marketing company is Ogilvy not Summer. Summer is one of the staff… 🙂

    nadnut: lol! i asked the registration person who was the events company, they told me summer. -_-”


  2. Haha!!! OMG, I think yours is the first blog i read that covered it!

    Anyhow, yup, I am one of the founders of Settlers, but not the reigning champ.. 😛