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that thing about aussie… day ten.

day ten. can’t believe i have already spent 10 days here. somehow or rather, it feels like ages. feels like ages since i have tasted laksa, chicken rice, feels like ages since i have been to work. 😛

today we headed to hyperdome which is located at logan city. doesnt it look like longan city? 😛 one thing about public transport here, you can buy a whole day ticket, we go by zones here. for example, i buy a day zone 1 – 6 ticket, which costs me au 8.80. i can take as many buses/trains/ferries i like, transferring from here to there just as long as its within zone 1 – 6. gold coast is located at zone 12 – 14. the further the distance, the more u pay.

hyperdome is an extremely large shopping centre. but i had a rather pek chek encounter. i went to a souvenior shop and bought some interestingly shaped mints for $9.95 and i happily strolled around. a few shops later, i saw the same mints selling at $7.95. ROAR!!!!!!! angry!

had lunch @ sizzlers. the lamb shank sucks! tmd. should have ordered the steak. so much cheaper here. -_-“. reminder to self: just because it looks good, doesnt mean it tastes good.

cleaned out all my cash (on hand) within 2 hours. -_-“. pretty simple day 😉 i miss clubbing! can’t wait to come back! not to work, but to singapore’s cheap food. lol!

3 thoughts on “that thing about aussie… day ten.”

  1. Yes, I can very well understand how easy it is to miss Singapore food! And I bet you haven’t tried a restaurant called Singapura which is situated in Milton. You’d be surprised that the food there is not bad and the rice serving is unlimited too!


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