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Normalization with bSoul Skincare

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I was contacted by Herine, a mutual friend of BFF’s to review bSoul’s Normalization Kit. I felt intrigued about the term Normalization as it wasn’t something I have heard before from other skincare. Thus I decided to take up the challenge!

Bsoul nadnut

I was sent these products to try and I used nothing but bSoul (except for eye cream and sunblock) skincare for 2 months.

First, I’ll like to share more info about the term ‘normalisation effect’.

About bSoul.

bSoul is the first eco-friendly phytoceutical line rich with eco-certified active ingredients that allows one to look younger, longer. bSoul uses highly effective beauty products with natural formulas and refined textures.

bSoul is not only made without animal testing, it is also made without the use of

  • Petroleum
  • Derivatives
  • Peg
  • Sles
  • Silicones
  • Parabens

Normalization Effect

The skin, as any other organ in our body has a restoration, normalization and reactivation time. This means that the skin is capable of self-regeneration and self-protection. bSoul believes that the choice of not using non-biocompatible substances, plastics and silicones really helps for our skin to work at it’s best. Which is why they do not use any paraffin, acrylics and silicones in their products. bSoul aims in not interfering with the skin to self-regenerate and to allow the physiological activation of the free radicals antioxidant system.

In order to really test if bSoul works, I had to skip all other skincare for the two months which is why I took a really long time to write this review!

Products tested

Bsoul nadnut

bSoul Hydra-Milk Cleanser: A cleansing emulsion with argan oil, rosa mosqueta, extracts of rosemary, sage, thyme and natural surfactants. It helps to cleanse physiologically respecting the hydro-lipoprotein film of the skin.

Bsoul nadnut

bSoul Redness-sinergy serum: Helps combats anti-redness for face and neck. It mulates the skin’s defence mechanism against oxidative stress.

Bsoul nadnut

bSoul Hydra-face scrub 3action : Helps in cell turnover normalization

Bsoul nadnut

bSoul Hydra-Comfort Face Cream: Main key ingredient: Vitamin E, a soluble antioxidant which helpsto stop the lipid peroxidation of the cell membranes.

My thoughts

Honestly when I first started using bSoul’s products, I started breaking out. I normally do not break out at all. My skin is pretty much quite a desert.

But I broke out, had some acne looking spots. I did a quick check with Herine and she assured me that breaking out is normal as bSoul helps in purging out all of the toxins and bad stuff before repairing the skin.

I was skeptical at first but I continued using bSoul. Sure enough, after a few weeks, my skin ‘normalised’.  The breakouts ceased and my skin was back to normal. No more breakouts!

However, I did noticed that my skin was a bit more moisturised after that. It’s been two months so far and  I am feeling encouraged! Have decided to continue trying bSoul to monitor more of the normalisation process! I also liked the scent and texture of bSoul’s products. The products are absorbed really quickly and isn’t greasy which are huge plus points to me.

If you would like to check out bSoul, check them out at either their Facebook page or their website

bSoul is offering 10% off to my readers too. Simply quote ‘BSNadnut10%‘ before 28th February 2015 to enjoy the discount!

Thanks bSoul for sending the products over! FYI, this isn’t an obligated review nor was I paid to write this. Thanks!

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