Morton’s Martini Night 1 + Sucky Waraku Experience.

Happy moi because I was going to have steak sandwiches coupled with some delish Martinis!

The first time i headed over to Mortons for Martinis was with some barflies.

Basically you can purchase any of the 5 martinis (classic Mortini, Cosmopolitan, Lychee Mortini, Appletini and Chocolate Mortini) at $11.95 each during Mortini Nights which is on Mondays to Fridays from 5pm to 7pm.

I tried the Lychee Mortini, Chocolate Mortini and the Appletini and my favourite would have to be the Appletini! It’s really good!

You’ll be served free steak sandwiches during Mortini’s Night! Starmist took a picture of me chomping away. lol!

We really enjoyed ourselves. We had about 5 steak sandwiches! Juicy and good! I want more!

We then walked around Marina Square while deciding where to head for dinner…. and… Starmist and i camwhored away. What’s new right?

Posing like the cartoons at the background.

The other way now!


We decided to head over to WARAKU for dinner. Here’s the attendees!

From left: Starmist, meh and Lee.

The idiots guys: LP and Kingmeng.

As I wasn’t so hungry, I decided to order something small.

I spotted the Chuka Kurage which is $4.80 by the way.

I thought it would be about same size as Sakae’s Chuka Kurage or a lil bit smaller but I was WRONG.

It’s THIS small.

Yes THIS small. Two mouthfuls and you’re done!

This pathetic.

I was surprised at the size and I inquired politely with the serving staff. To me, if the customer is not pleased with the portion, the least one can do is inquire if the customer would like to change it to someone else right? After all Chuka Kurage is raw and isn’t cooked, how hard is it? Even if it couldn’t be exchanged, you could at least tell me politely that this is the normal size and smile apologetically, right?

But NO. The bloody service staff retorted rudely about some bullshit and how it’s expensive due to fine dining or what shit.

TALKING BACK TO THE CUSTOMERS is not fine dining service. And we hardly got any service, we had to walk up to the counter to ask for service. tmd!

The fucking sauce bowl is the same size as my Chuka Kurage.

Here’s my thoughts: WARAKU – FINE DINING MY ASS.

And oh, it tastes exactly the same as Sakae Sushi’s Chuka Kurage and I get way better service there.

Rude rude rude! Ptooooi!

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