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A day in nadnut’s life. (on a weekend)

I like having lots of activities during the weekends so that I’ll feel that I have optimised my weekends. (Usually jampack everything in one day and nua the other)

Here’s an example of how I spent one of my Saturdays.

I met the girls with ching chong boy for lunch at Sakae Sushi.

Starmist and Airpork

Silly Airpork and I have almost the same taste. Kinda reminded me of an ex best friend where we ordered the exact food, down to every single detail during out first dinner together.

(loaded with pics. Click more to well, read more!)

What do you like to order when you’re at Japanese makan places? Some people like to order one big dish e.g. a ramen while some like to order many small dishes.

I like ordering many small dishes. I love variety!

A pic with the girls before we parted…

Outfit of the day: Black jumper from BV, Bling flats from Nose KL and Gold Casio watch from Mustafa.

The girls went BV to shop while Ccb and I headed to Ah Chew Desserts for well… desserts!

Very ching chong place!

Wearing my new Evita Peroni headband!

Please ignore that stubborn tuff of hair. I’ll be giving some hair accessories away soon!

Because the weather was so effing hot, I decided to order a cold dessert. And I decided to order their special dessert of the week/month (i dunno when it ends?).

Mango sago with durian!

What’s this?

It’s a huge piece of durian! Damn shiokkers!

Really really really worth it! Now I feel like eating it again! 🙁

After that, we headed to Chinatown for a foot massage.

Damn painful but worth every single dollar I paid for it.

Must must must go again soon! <3 The barflies (this group of friends I met thru the Cowboybar) always go there and I found out about the place from them. Next outing, let’s go there k!

After that, I went to meet Kenny to go over his place for a cosy drinking session. We played dai dee (which I KICKED ASS! I killed the guys! HAH! I only lost once!) and jenga (not good at jenga sadly.)


I find it really really weird. I used to NEVER get red at all, even after drinking till my liver explodes or when I exercise like mad. Infact, I usually turn a pasty shade of white.

During this session, I actually turned RED. Has it ever happened to any of you guys?

While I was still normal.

So red!

With msvindicta!

Brrr. Is there something wrong with me?

I’m going to end this post with a picture. Please do not fall asleep/get drunk infront of mrkennychan. This is his latest work.

Here kitty kitty!

10 thoughts on “A day in nadnut’s life. (on a weekend)”

  1. Hello, where in chinatown is the foot massage that u went to, at?
    and how’s the pricing like? Looking for somewhere reasonable for the ‘pain’! haha~


    nadnut Reply:

    People’s park complex! Very competitive pricing. About 26/hr for a foot massage?


  2. I want to know where in Chinatown is the massage parlor & how much too? Thanks!


    nadnut Reply:

    People’s park complex. There’s a few there. about 26/hr


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