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Fr3b’s first mini blogger event!

When I heard about Fr3b‘s first blogger event, I was really excited. Sent in my details and hoped to be picked.

And guess what? I’m one of the lucky 6 bloggers picked and there were over 500 applications! I didn’t know Fidelis and Holly Jean was chosen too! So silly! We were all in different slots. 🙁

The event was held at Qian Zu Ge which is located at Balestier. The place is decorated in a very oriental feel and has many other services such as facial, massages and nails.

As one of the 6 featured bloggers, we were entitled to the following:

  1. 1 set of Acrylic Nail Extension worth $75
  2. 1 set of Classic Manicure worth $25
  3. 1 Facial/Nail Qian Zu Ge voucher worth $30
  4. I Nouvi cosmetics worth $100 + a $10 voucher

I then found out Eastcoastlife was one of the other featured bloggers too! Really nice lady!

As I already had Gel extensions on my nails (pictures and details probably next week!), I opted for extensions on my toe nails instead!

A before pic. My unkempt and ugly toenails.

The pretty basin!

I couldn’t decide what colour to get and in the end I chose my usual red.

Enjoying my much desired pedicure.

I then decided to choose my nail art there and then. Might as well!

Qian Zu Ge kindly provided some snacks.

The final product! Cute heart and strawberries on the big toes and bling bling on the rest!

A closer look. The nail art for my toe nails cost $28.

Here’s a pic of the I Nouvi cosmetics I received!

Glitter powder, nail polish, eyeliner and lipstick. I love the eyeliner the most! heh.

Loads of thanks to Sabrina who sent me too Qian Zu Ge and accompanied me thruout the session AND sent me to Chomp Chomp to meet my best friend thebeanmaster.

Thanks babe!!!!!

And last but not least, thanks to Qian Zu Ge, Fr3b and Elfaine for this opportunity!

The really kawaii Elfaine is younger than me! *faints*

Here’s a special offer for my first 20 blog readers! You guys will be entitled to $30 off for any nail extension service at Qian Zu Ge. Please call them at 6251 0055 and quote the promo code: Nadia to enjoy the discount. The promotion is only valid till 17th September 2008. Do call soon! 🙂

Qian Zu Ge is located at 221 Balestier Road, ROCCA Balestier #04-01, Singapore 329928.

9 thoughts on “Fr3b’s first mini blogger event!”

  1. I love the cute strawberries on your toes! hehe…

    Thanks for the linky love, I forgot to ask you for your blog. 😛 I was waiting for kawaii Elfaine to publish the blogger event. So sweet of you.

    Love the pictures that you took.


  2. Hi Nadia! 🙂 Vicki here. Haha omg no wonder you looked SUPER FAMILIAR!! You’re a star blogger on Stomp! Hahaha. Okayyy I’m quite slow. Anyway, nice meeting you girls today! See you soon 😀


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