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Finding : Dressabelle

I had a lot of fun doing up this advertorial. Why so? Aside from the great rapport between myself and the team behind Finding : Dressabelle and the lovely clothes, I went for a photoshoot for this! Seriously, the money paid for the studio rental was worth it! I also recommended a few other bloggers like Jessica, Fidelis and Esther to Dressabelle. So do look out for their advertorials!

So before I post up pictures of the lovely clothes, here’s a little bit of information about the team behind Finding : Dressabelle!

Q: Who are they?
A: The two lovely ladies behind Dressabelle are Chloe and Kristine. Both brainy and beautiful ladies. Chloe has quite a bit of experience behind the local fashion scenes and even had a few stints in our local fashion magazines while Kristine is the face of Dressabelle. You see that lovely lady modeling the clothes? That’s Kristine! She has spent a few years jetting around the world and has seen the fashion scene everywhere!

Q: Why Dressabelle?
A: Chloe and Kristine has a strong believe that everyone can look good and you need not spend a lot! Fashion on a budget! They believe in giving quality goods, take a look at their items. They’re made in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and USA! Chloe, their resident style advisor is willing to give tips and tricks on how to transform an outfit from work to play so that you can look both ready and smart for the office and ready to rock the town after work.

Q: How nice are they?
A: They believe that the customers always come first at Dressabelle. If you have any queries, feel free to check with them. They promise prompt replies and they even mentioned to ask everything and anything before ordering. Aside from that, every item is checked thoroughly before mailing out to ensure no mistakes are made and everything is in order! Feel free to give them any feedback and even requests for certain items.

Q: What’s their website?
A: Visit them at!

Here’s some pictures of me in their items!

This is Jaime Embroidered Dress.

This has to be my favourite among the lot. The dress is really sweet and it has lovely details. Check out the flowers at the bottom of the dress. I feel so cute in this dress! *sibeh thickskinned*

This is Bobeep in Moss Green.

Bobeep is actually from one of their earliest collections. It’s a very popular piece and I think it’s a great piece for work!

I love this bag! It’s called Lindsey Pleated Bag in Cream. Extremely versatile, for work, for school or for shopping! I actually managed to squeeze 4 dresses into this bag!

This piece is called Talita Wrap Dress.

You can make it very different. You can wear like I did here, on the shoulders, tied casually or…

You can tie it this way and it’ll look so much different! I had fun with this dress, I did many looks with this. from offshoulder, to normal sleeve to toga etc.

I love the grey stripes at the side. Really a sweet tunic!

Last but definitely not least is Lady Tricia Shirt Dress. This piece is a hot favourite! Tiger, Esther and the photographer likes this dress!

Check out the lovely details. You can wear this dress differently. You can wear it like I did, all buttoned up or unbutton it for a more casual effect. I tried not unbuttoning everything and it looks damn sexy for dinners!

A way different look as compared to Jaime yeah? 😉

The lovely pics are taken by Uncle Chris!

Do check out Finding : Dressabelle for more lovely clothes. The ladies are really sweet! For all of you readers, just quote that you’re a nadnut reader and you’ll get free normal postage! Isn’t that great? And if you spend $60 and above, you’ll get free registered post!

Now go shop! 😉

9 thoughts on “Finding : Dressabelle”

  1. i never thought i’d say this really, but i have to admit, the last dress looks pretty hot on you. with the glasses somemore. rawr. *scratch*


  2. gracey: hey dearie, they have longer dresses too! heh.

    Princessa: o.O You praising me? Oh my. i better go buy 4d.

    Precious: Thanks! They’ve been worn to death!

    nUr: Go get it! It’s in Collection 1!

    thebeanmaster: Oh my. Something is wrong with you!!!!

    tesa: Do check them out! Lovely clothes!


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