A case of discrimination or just bad service?

Interestingly enough, this happened right after I posted the Are you being served entry.

As some of you guys may know, I had my convocation ceremony on Sunday. On Saturday, I met up with some of my classmates to collect our tickets to the ceremony to be held at Raffles Convention Centre. So.. after collecting our tickets, we decided to get some drinks (for them), snacks (for me) at Mos Burger (Raffles City branch) for a brief catch up.

The girls ordered large drinks while I ordered a croquette to snack on. We were there barely 15 minutes when the manager, Hong Chong came up to us and asked us if we could give up our seats. While I had finished my croquette, the girls hadn’t finished their drinks!

In fact, they had only drank less than half of their drinks! I looked behind and I saw this family of 4 occupying a booth seat and they weren’t consuming ANY Mos Burger products at all! One of the guys was reading newspapers and another was surfing on his laptop. They weren’t asked to leave, or give up their seats at all. There was an empty table at the other end!

Why wasn’t the family asked to give up their seats? My classmates were wondering if it was due to the fact we looked like teenagers with our weekend clothes. It wasn’t as if we were hogging the seats for hours! We were only there for 15 minutes!

I wanted to stomp right to the manager and ask what the heck was going on but he had disappeared, maybe to the kitchen or some other back-end operations. Waited for a while, he didn’t appear and so we left as we all had other commitments lined up.

I don’t know about you but I was extremely disappointed and irked by the service. I doubt even food court “aunties” would ask anyone to leave/give up their seats.

Has anyone had any similar experiences?

3 thoughts on “A case of discrimination or just bad service?”

  1. WTH, the manager is so rude and brainless. U are too nice to even wait for the manager to reappear and question him.. I would hv ask for him to come out.. LOL

    anyway, i will keep a lookout for that manager when I am there…


  2. hey girl, that manager is damn rude! maybe you should try to email to their company’s headquarters about it? i dunno about Mos burger but it worked before for my sis due to similar experience at Koufu


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