The surprise birthday party that didn’t turn out to be a surprise.

I’ve been friends with Kingmeng since 2005. We had known each other through reading each other’s blogs then and when I first signed up to join the Cowboybar, I asked Kingmeng to join too.

We finally met up and we hit it off. Infact, I think he is the best guy friend I have from the bar. Despite our mini quarrels or disagreements, we would soon shrug it off and it would seem that nothing has happened. Kingmeng or Km as he is affectionately known, has to be one of the most supportive barflies of my various blogging activities and I’m really grateful to have such a good friend.

When lee, his wife asked for my help to plan for a surprise birthday party for KM, I agreed immediately. I called for help as I knew, I knocked off work later than most people and would need help in preparing the decorations.

Eternally grateful to Cheyenne, who helped to purchase the decorations, Cindy who helped to picked up the cupcakes that I ordered, Kelly and Shuxian who came early to help decorate the place and the guys James, Terz, Charlie who helped to lend a hand or two.

Much love to the rest like Anna, Jocelynn, Edmund, Eddy and Roy who came early to help surprise the birthday boy.

and just being the wonderful people they are. Bringing the cheer and fab atmosphere to the party.

To Trish who did a great job customising the cupcakes. I had called her up and told her exactly what I wanted less than a week to the party and she gave me exactly what I wanted. She’s fantastic.

We had a lot of hiccups during the party. The timing went haywired and we had to beg Lee to stall Km.

Suddenly there was a huge delay and needless to say, the huge crowd hiding in the dark got bored. Soon there were peals of laughters which I told them off in a mean ‘Shut the fuck up’ tone which then cause more laughter. LOL.

We had people playing the hush hush police by SHHHH and hush whenever there was a sound.

It was hilarious. We got bored after a while and started to get paranoid whenever we heard footsteps. The cue was supposed to be Lee saying “Oh fuck!” (presumely forgetting to email a very important document to a client) and we would then get ready to launch our “attack” on him. Meaning spray him with confetti, pop alarming items in his face and maybe throw a balloon or two on the poor birthday boy.

But after a while, 15 minutes became 30 (or was it 45 minutes?) and we all became restless and started fidgetting like mad.

When the actual cue came, suddenly there was a huge bright red light shining in the dark, supposedly by someone’s camera (WHO AH?!), till now, we do not know whose and most of us started hissing and whispering to shut off the light incase KM sees it from outside.

Sadly, KM heard the whispers (but he did not see the damn light!! nabei.) and he guessed that we were inside.

Thus, this is the story of a surprise birthday party that did not turn out to be a surprise at all.

Happy birthday old friend. 🙂

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