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Monday’s Musings – Feeling old.

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I feel old. Seriously. No joke.

Yes, I may have just turned 30 this year and all that yada yada about age is just a number and how I do not look my age, does no shit for me.

I FEEL old.

Like aches and pains. I used to be able to stay up all night and function with very little sleep. Now? I get tired ALL the time. Thankfully I just need a minimum of 6 hours of sleep. For now.

I am more cynical. I used to be more hyper and enthusiastic. Now? Let’s take a chill pill man. I go to blogger events now and I look at those hyper bloggers chatting and enthusiastically doing stuff like 101 selfies etc. Me?

You’ll see me where there is a chair. Or where there is food.

I used to want a tattoo. I thought it was cool. Now? Image bad leh.

I thought that the mothership nagged a lot. Now? I am nagging my friends. My ex-colleagues. My husband. A lot. Goodness, have I turned into my mother?

Clubbing? Drinking till dawn, dancing and shaking my booty, intoxicated. I mean, that’s how I met my husband right? Now? I just wanna spend time at home watching Running Man or playing with Miu Miu. Maybe sip on a glass or two of Moscato or drink a bottle of Somersby. But that’s it.

Losing weight 2 years ago was easy! Now? I gained a LOT of weight after my honeymoon and it is SO DAMN HARD to lose it. WHY?!

Exercising? Running 5 times a week. Shiok! Now? ouch. knees ache. owwww.

What would I give to be young again? Would I change things? I dunno. But I do know, I would never change meeting my husband. He is the irritating love of my life. 😉

You? I would love to see some comments here. How would you change the last 5 years of your life? Have you reached 30, like me? Do you feel old?

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