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Soft Launch of & Adrenaline Contests!

Wednesday was the soft launch of at the Geek Terminal.

It was my first time INSIDE Geek Terminal. I’ve been to Geek Terminal twice before but they were closed then. (Interestingly enough, I was at Geek Terminal for two video filming, one being the Nuffnang birthday video and the other, an episode of Blogbuzz TV which was filmed last year. Where’s the episode? I don’t know. *shrugs*. No sound for ages. Bah.)

I arrived pretty early and met Nicole, Paddy, Mint-tea and Bernard for the very first time! Friendly people! 🙂

The first pic I took that day was with Ridz84. I felt so bad for forgetting to take pics with him (on my camera) then I made sure that I saved the first pic for him! *cough*

Damn! I forgotten to take a pic of my outfit of the day but the shirt you’re looking at in the pic is actually a guy’s shirt! (one of my dad’s new formal shirts). I added a belt and ta-dah! It’s suitable for work! I’m gonna steal men’s formal shirts from now on especially if you have funky ones. *looks at Jayden*

Oops! Strayed a bit. Anyway, whats Podfire all about? Podfire is basically the home to podcasts and videocasts. If you have the idea and no means, why not approach Podfire and see if you guys can work together!

Miccheng introducing Podfire.

First show! Blogger’s Treat. Bloggers introduce their fave food place to the Blogger’s Treat crew. Princessa is the host of Blogger’s Treat.

Next up! The Geek Goddess Show.

Last but not least was Tech 65. Argh, I didn’t manage to get a pic! Ren hao and Daniel were really smooth!

I guess I learnt a few lessons from viewing the shows. As some of you guys know, Jayden and I have been in talks about having a video since last year and while we have a few ideas, both of us do not have time! I reallly realllly enjoyed myself doing the Nuffnang Birthday video with him and I really do wanna work with him again. Hopefully we’ll be able to do so before he goes to NS! 🙂

After the first episodes of all the shows, we had some yummy makan time followed by time to network and mingle. Let the camwhoring begin!

Daryl aka uniquefrequency

Tianhong aka plaktoz

Peggy says esther and i eat like a bird. 🙁

Yes, this Peggy!

My brudder is finally back after his FYP. 😉

Guess who is this mysterious blogger….


Pretty June has really big eyes!

We then adjourned for some after activities. The rest went to Pump Room for some drinks while Esther, Jayden and I headed off to Coffee Club for some makan.

Camwhoring while waiting.

Jayden looks funny with one red eye.

My fave Iced rambutan and I forgot what Jayden ordered. Oops!

My shepherd pie!

Don’t steal my pie!

Esther’s chicken wings.

Now I’m craving for chicken wings!

Last but not least, Jayden’s peri peri chicken!

I love his Mario tee!

Can’t wait to see more episodes! 🙂


By the way, since we’re talking about videos, have you guys heard about this contest called Adrenaline’s Moments In Play?

Basically, it’s a contest to get everyone to submit photos, videos or even MMSes of their sporting moments. You could be running, playing soccer or doing anything else! It’s really simple!

Prizes are all sponsored by Samsung and I believe they’re giving out one of the Live Loud series’s phone! I have one! Heh. Pretty phone! My mum took a liking to it and straightaway declared it as hers. OEI. HOW CAN LIKE THAT?! bah.

Do consider joining! There’s attractive prizes to be won!

Aside from that, there is this Hunt For Field Report contest too! If you know of anyone who you think would make a good field reporter, ask them to join! Good exposure! Prizes are sponsored by Samsung too!

Do try for it! Sounds fun!