i wonder if i have ever stopped loving you.

perhaps i have.

else why did i hesitate when you wanted to give our love another chance? why didnt i? when all i wanted is to be with you.

and yet. i refused to in the end. i cant be back with someone who cant makes up his mind what he wants. in actual fact, i dont think i can deal with another LDR.

i dunno if i wanna bother or try.

infact today, when i got up, i was wondering why the hell was i so committed when im so young?

perhaps after the breakup, i have become bitter. and not believeing in the L word.

like my friend of mine said: you belong to the dangerous kind of the girl. you have issues. rebound issues.

perhaps i do. why have you found the closure you needed when i havent?

i guess, the pain doesnt seem so strong anymore. perhaps i have been hanging onto the memories only. i guess, we never had a proper closing with all these asking for patches from both parties.

its like, we’re hanging in mid-air.

but i have gotten my answer. i’ll hang no more.

if it was one of my stories, i would have written an ending of how we would have parted on better terms.

unfortunately life doesnt work that way.

i guess ill look back at us as a memory. one of many happy moments and sad ones. i believe in fate. if we’re meant to be together, we will.

i think i have already lost you. i think you are already gone.

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