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Vainpotty updates!

First up! Majolica updates!

Chapter 25 is finally out! And this time, it consists of mainly limited edition items so please get your hands on them pronto!

This chapter is called Mademoiselle Midnight because the makeup is especially suitable for an evening look or a party! This chapter has mainly 2 theme colours. One being red, which is more of a provocative, loud but yet glamourous look and the other being purple, for a more girly but yet eyecatching look!

We had a more flamboyant meeting this time round as we had mini makeovers complete with costumes to try on! Here are some pics!

Our main launch product this time is the Midnight Dresser!

The Midnight Dresser is available in two colours: Provocative Red and Girly Enticing Purple.

I love the dresser as it’s really easy to bring out as it has two eyeshadows and 2 lipglosses colours. No more trying to squeeze numerous makeup items in your teeny weeny bag when you’re off to a nice dinner or party!

While I tried Provocative Red for my makeover, I personally prefer Girly Enticing Purple. Maybe because I prefer a more playful pinkier colour for my lips instead of bold red lips. I really would love to try red lips (inspired by Blair Waldorf!) but it just doesn’t suit me! The eyecolours for Provocative Red is my favourite as you can create a very intense smokey eyes look! Ah well, we can’t have the perfect palette can’t we? So buy both!

Or at least, that’s what I did! It’s all about mixing and matching! Have fun girls! Do comment to tell me which dresser do you prefer!


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Next up! Skincare updates!

Elizabeth Arden had invited a few bloggers to the very private launch of the Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti Aging Moisturizer (from now on shall be called as Prevage D.) by Elizabeth Arden.

The Prevage D. is basically a moisturiser with anti aging properties and the good thing is that it has SPF 30 so you wouldn’t need to slather on your sunblock after applying it! The Elizabeth Arden people gave us samples to try it out.

The texture isn’t too oily or creamy and it smells okay and so far I like it!



And last but not least, my favourite sponsor Milly’s has some promos for Xmas!

Hair Extension –

Promotion A : Do 100 strands and get the next 100 strands free.

Promotion B: Do 100 strands and get next 22 strands free.

Eyelashes Extension

Dolly lashes – 2 @ $88

Korea Lashes – 2 @ $108

Eyelashes Perming -1 @ $30, 2 @ $58

Nails by Milly’s

Express Manicure @ $8.

Inclusive of bluffing, shaping nails, base coat, top coat and colour by OPI.

Gel Nails @ $60 – 80

Acrylic Nails @ $60 – 80

Nails Designs with crystals and 3D nail art @ $30 – 70

Classic Mani & Pedi @ $39

Face by Milly’s

Facial @ $38 ( First Trial )

I’m always happy whenever I go Milly’s especially when I get my nails done. Recently I did a french manicure but did a different twist to it. Instead of a white tip, I went for baby green tips instead.

Sweet, simple, suitable for work and yet not boring. That’s how I like my nails! Remember to check out Milly’s at Far East Plaza #03-129!

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  1. Hey nadia, mind if i ask you what is the difference for the hair extension package A and B? If they are the same package A looks more like a better deal. ^O^


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