I miss those days…

Different activities, different special people, different emotions…

  1. When we would drive to the beach and chit chat about everything and anything while drinking some booze.
  2. Where we’ll chat on the phone for hours.
  3. Where we have those special sleepovers, cooking our own meals and just watch a movie.
  4. Secret Santa days with the bsc gang.
  5. Running around Carrefour finding food for the xmas party.
  6. Feeling intoxicated, drunk, wasted and happy.
  7. Crazy drinking days with the fun people.
  8. Listening to Shirlyn sing with great company at Wala Wala.
  9. The sensitive and loving guy i knew who changed after getting attached.
  10. Running. I no longer get home at 6.30pm and i no longer get to enjoy those daily jogs in the park before it gets dark.
  11. Walking around for hours in Australia. I miss those carefree days in Brisbane.
  12. Watching him cook for me.
  13. Those days in emco…
  14. Those insane clubbing days with the clique.
  15. Poly days. BSC, TPSU, orientation rocks.
  16. Having those daily chats with the ex-boss.
  17. Cheryl and Meiji. Cheryl for being her sweet self and Meiji for the fun, cuckoo side of her. Things are never boring with her!
  18. The chase. Romantic gestures, the rainbows and butterflies.
  19. Cuddling with chickenleg.
  20. Meeting up with mrkennychan every week. I miss Billy Goat.

Change is the only constant right?

Retrospect: Reminiscences of the Past.

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