madness. just got an ‘indecent proposal’ from a guy friend of mine.

the conversation went like this.

A: so… are you attached now?
me: nope. single right now.
A: oh… how come your not attached?
me: haha. not interested right now to rush into a relationship? hahhaa. single better mah. free to do whatever i like.
A: no flings?
me: hhahaa. nope.
A: want one?
me: -_-” definitely not. you must be kidding!
A: well, if you want one, i’m always ready. and i’m serious.
me: *faints*

he was dead serious! if it wasnt a msn conversation and if i was beside him, i would do a matrix move and kick him in the groin.

and no. not interested in flings too. i’ll mobilise you if im interested. but no chance pretty boy.

bleah. guys are getting weird-er everyday…

[update] anyway was bloghopping when i stumbled onto this

hmmm. wat kind of blogger are you? i’m a diary blogger… how about you? [/update]

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