hmmm. wat did i do today?

i met siwei and mira and walk walked and went some place to tok… chit chat mah. long time no see. hor siwei? :X

then went for late late lunch @ 4pm! ate stingray! muz be one of de best! i missed it soooooooo much! *sobz*. i bought a necklace! succumbed to temptation… oops… :X

mira had to leave, then met gini.. walked to suntec and makan again! i feel fat fat fat!

basically noting much today, juz met up wiv some peeps i missed sooo much! 🙂

ooh, bumped into lydia! 🙂

de lame names saga continues… coz toking abt gini… her name is koh qini… then tinking of an english name for her… then tot of ‘Verrie’.

why ‘verrie’ rite? coz. its ‘Verrie Koh!’ … hahaha geddit? (Very Cold)… muahhahaa. then for siwei, tot of ‘Supa’. heheehehee. coz can be ‘Supa Geh’! (Super Gay)…

lame name jokes… lol…

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