i still heart princess hours…

obviously i have finished watching all episodes. yes on youtube. i love the show so much that i went to buy the dvd. to keep and because my mum wanted to watch and she was going on and on so much… -_-”

after finishing the show, i felt funny. there’s nothing more to watch! goong 2 will not be played by the original cast! WHY?!?!?!

after watching the show, i decided that i must make a trip to the teddybear museum in jedu within 3 years! MUST MUST MUST!

i love the princess hours bears! so cute! *hopes for the original cast to come back for goong 3*



5 thoughts on “i still heart princess hours…”

  1. U mean there’s going to be Goong 2??!!
    haha, I’m obviously not that big a fan. I’m just watching it slowly on Channel U.

    I wonder how much it would cost to go to Jeju to “visit” the bears.


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