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nadnut’s budget boudoir shoot

I shared this on my Instagram profile previously but have yet to document it here.

I have always wanted a boudoir shoot and I thought a maternity version was extremely beautiful. What better way to document this process but during pregnancy?

Problem was… I wasn’t comfortable signing up for a shoot with a photographer. I am comfortable with smiley poses, the typical grins and sweet smiles but for boudoir, I would be very uncomfortable, especially thinking about my body. Whether am I showing off too much, accidentally exposing myself or if my stretch marks are showing etc.

After much research and time on Pinterest, I decided to do a diy shoot. I shopped for the outfits online, sourced for venues and basically bullied Skai to take the pics on my iPhone 5 and finally I edited it myself.

For my pregnancy with Aidan, we had just moved in so the house was extremely empty. So I decided to shoot at home.

For my pregnancy with Davina, I wanted something different. Milk baths were an in-thing back then. Since our usual tradition was a staycation for our birthdays, I decided to do a milk bath shoot.

Turns out… the room that Skai booked had a different bathtub that I was envisioning. Instead of a lying one, it’s more of a sitting one. So.. we just made do!

Pro-tip, use expired breastmilk or milk powder for the milky effect. I bought fresh flower petals from the local florist.

So yeah! Just to document my budget boudoir shoots! I had plenty of professional maternity pictures taken but I’m most proud of these. Shot on an iPhone!

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