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Our first video together :)

Collaborated with the kind folks at Walk and Roll Studios during the weekend and shot a for fun video!

We were asked to draw each other with the things we liked and it was pretty fun despite the humid weather 😡 I was shocked when I saw his drawing. I know i ‘buah’ my eyeliner but not until like that leh!

Us “kissing” our portraits!

Thanks Walk and Roll Studios for the impromptu shoot!

So impromptu that we didn’t have any lines to rehearsed. Ccb scold me say I say him boring 🙁 Boohoo!

9 thoughts on “Our first video together :)”

  1. Super sweet!! “I got her number because she was drunk.” HAHA. A comment full of win! Alcohol – writing love stories since 1820s. Haha


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