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I survived a torturing session by Bruce Lee.

The barflies (this group of friends) have been raving about this massage place in Chinatown. And one day, while we were all chatting, I found out that Eva wasn’t working on a particular weekday and she was gianing for a massage.

Thus I decided to go try it out too!

We reached People’s Park Complex (which I later learnt was NOT People’s Park Centre) and there was a whole row of ching chong massage places!

Eva and I took the hour foot massage (with shoulder massage) which was a huge steal at $25!

Her masseuse started first while mine came by in a bit.. Because I didn’t speak mandarin, I really didn’t chat much with him, i only “owww!”, “pain!” to him while Eva’s masseuse explained to her on why it was painful, e.g. her throat hurts etc.

Mine? he smirks at me whenever I was in pain! 🙁

Later on, we asked our masseuse’s names… Mine was Bruce Lee.

No wonder, tmd fucking pain!

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