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Bachelor nadnut part one.

This is another horribly belated post! Totally forgotten about it till I scrolled through my Flickr! This happened last year!

Oops. *sheepish look*

I’ll be breaking this into 3 posts. This will be pictures from the convocation ceremony from my camera and the other 2 will be the pictures from my photographer friend’s camera and photoshoot pics!

Some pictures on the way to the ceremony..

With my killer heels. (that nearly killed meh)

My matric card!

Wearing the regalia with the graduation bear!

That’s me ma!

I love the colour of my regalia!

That’s me and the mothership!

Some pics of the bear and my cert!

A candid by the ching chong boy…

Fooling around near the piano…

Think by this stage, I was just so tired and wanted to go back and zzzz.

Fooling around with the mortarboard… just to achieve this shot

Review pics time!

Wanted to take a pic with Colin but he prefers to be behind the camera! hahahaha

wanted to pose with the mothership but it seems that her attention is elsewhere….

And time to pack up and go!

Watch out for the upcoming posts! Photoshoot pics!

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