no regrets now

i wonder why some people have moved on so quickly while im still here reminiscing about the past?

am i emo? or im just sentimental? or perhaps i’m just too scared to let go?

don’t get me wrong, i believe i have moved on a little and my love for him is not as strong as it was. but yet, i still miss him.

perhaps its a faint memory? i dunno? have i moved on? have i not?

i dont think of him most of the time but yet sometime some stuff will remind me of him. as i sat down categorising close to 2 years of entries, i realised, i dont feel as strongly for him. and i laughed at my boast of getting over him within 2 months. and the rollercoaster of emotions that i faced after the breakup.

misery, hate, self-bashing, ego, flirt.

perhaps, like someone said to me, i have moved on, but there is no wrong in living in the memories.

i think i shall not think about this no more. perhaps its just emo me talking. wahhahahaaa. been rather stressed at work. grrrr.

anyway, happy birthday to you again.

another year, not celebrated yeah?

and a familiar song is heard on the radio…

no regrets now… they don’t work. no regrets now… they only hurt…

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