the bimbo blogger.

my classmate fay is hilarious!

we were talking about blogging and the topic shifted to types of blogs…

nadnut: well, there are many types of blogs, intellectual, informative, dumb and bimbo blogs like me.
fay: you do not have a bimbo blog!
nadnut: yes it is! come on! what’s the first impression you get when you see my blog? a bimbo blogger right?!
fay:*keeps quiet for a while*, well you have an interesting bimbo blog.
nadnut: LOL!

LOL! fay is such a sweetie that she hardly says anything to hurt anyone and is always so politically correct! lol.

3 thoughts on “the bimbo blogger.”

  1. please! u r NOT a bimbo blogger! nicole/celeste chen are more like it. 🙂 ur blog is informative too, like about good food or upcoming events. keep it up:)


  2. You’re right about Lay Fay in the Hay…she is always politically correct and nothing she says hurts anyone…


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