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A little introduction.

I think it’s about time to introduce a new character on my blog. As some of you guys might have picked up, I’m currently dating someone new.

Someone totally different, someone I would never imagined dating. And with all boyfriends on my blog, they have to be cursed blessed with a nickname. His is: Ching chong boy. (Because he’s very the ching chong.)

What are we? I don’t know if I should consider us together. Technically he did ask me but I said yes, then no then yes then no… aiyah I don’t know lah!

I just wanna date, can? What happeened to the typical guy who likes no commitments? Ah well. Anyway, back to the point, be prepared to hear more tales of the ching chong boy.

And yes, I know his initials is very very naughty.. especially when I persist to talking about him using his initials. E.g. CCB brought me to Morton’s bar yesterday.


Stay tuned!

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