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.random whines.

i hate cny. there’s no where to go. there’s no good shows on tv and i am so freaking bored. i guess having a long holiday is killing me. im feeling bored to death. bah.

*whine whine whine*

tried to pester my mum to go watch a movie with me but she was too lazy.

even the cats are feeling lazy.

do you know what does boredom does to you? damage to your wallet. online shopping is evurl.

i had my exam on friday and it suckssssssssssssss. totally mind blank. bah. i only have myself to blame. felt so depressed that day that i headed for some retail theraphy. $$$$$$$

i was looking at my archives and i miss phuket so much! the company was great, i was way slimmer last time and i could gorge myself silly. damn. now… i dont dare to wear a bikini. the tummy fats are … damn scary.

yeah, i know im not the biggest person alive but that doesnt mean im skinny. i hate it when people go ‘oh your so skinny!, where got fat?!’. ha ha. funny. thats because im short, small sized and i dont ‘look’ as fat as compared to bigger boned people. shut up you gargantuan people.


im bottom heavy so you dont get to see how fat i am in pictures. and i erm. suck in my tummy when taking pictures. hahahahahaha!

its scary. i have gained like 3 inches around the lardy waist in 2 years? gone are the days where i could squeeze myself into a size 24 or 25. and all my skirts do not fit anymore. the butt just keeps growing and growing fatter!

i met up with some friends recently and they were quite surprised at the amount of weight i have gained. >.<. i know i was never skinny or slim to begin with but now... its more than chubby. its scary. maybe i should go get a physical trainer. to convert those fats into muscles. down with the tummy full of lard and thunder thighs. if you dont believe im fat... remind me to show u the swinging celulite when i see you. tiger and thebeanmaster could never stop laughing when i swing my arms at them. i love food too much that i cant stop eating. 🙁 time to exercise baby. aside from fatty whines... i neeed a taaan. im so white, im almost casper's twin! hahahaaaaa. k la, not to THAT extent but im feeling so pale and pastry as compared to my sunshine days. i could never stand being so fair, makes me feel so weak looking. maybe one day i should head to sentosa by myself and get a tan. next whine.. hairrrrrrrr. i wanna do something funky with my hair! like bleach it pink. streaks of blond and pink! and cut some asymettrical fringe or go for bangs... but. the recent perm has made my hair really dry. 🙁 *ren* shall blog about bangkok soon. dont worry. 🙂 tiger says no more holidays this year. bah. boring! time to find another kaki to go travelling with. 😛 i miss the bsc laoyusheng days!!!! colin!!! go organise! :p. i miss pitstop! has been ages since ive been there! i miss jennyneoooooooo! mahjong!!!! i miss kennychan!!! my makan kaki!!! i miss clubbing! gosh i havent drank in ages. since 3 months ago? *whine whine whine* my nadnut gmail account got disabled for no rhyme or reason. wtf?! have emailed the gmail people. hope they'll do something soon!!!! school starts mid march so date me out before i get lost into the world of assignments, studying and exams once again. i have became an antisocial hermit once school has started. 🙁 alrighty. enough about whining. its time to find something to do. maybe like torturing my cats. hahaha. they hate it when i follow them everywhere and take pictures of them. *evil cackle* i want a rainbow necklace! anyone seen any nice ones anywhere? mahjong tomorrow! huat ah! toodles!

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