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zoukie pinkie.

it has been a long time since i’ve clubbed. but when drS commands, nadnut obeys. hohoho.

had fun with the rest. didnt drink much but danced more. i didnt feel like i have danced enough! grrrrr. whats up with guys when they see girls dirty dancing? first thing they’ll say ‘they’re drunk/high!’. -_-“. dancing with girls is way more fun than dancing with guys. *cough* sorry tiger.

some pics! didnt dare to bring my camera into the club. i cant afford spills or drops on my precious.

brown tube and heart necklace from bangkok. skinny jeans (which collects a lot of lint. tmd) from online. 😛

the whole outfit. i need to lose some fats man. arms making me look like a man. -_-“. i decided to de-bangified myself. bangs were cute for a while but after a while, they decided to part and looks messy. cant wear for the fringe to grow out. grrrr.

yes my hair again. the boss was ok with my hair but the big boss cringed when she saw it. heh.

sibeh suay. while doing my makeup, i realised my eyeliner dried up. thank god i finished both eyes. imagined if i was only done with one eye? i’ll look like this = o.O

it was fun clubbing with the rest of the barflies. but pt’s wifey kept squeezing my ass! i felt violated. 🙁

pics are up. taken with a cameraphone thus they’re not very clear. i look horrid! stupid fringe!

the guys look drunk. hohoho.

my hot dancing partner. wooot.

girl on girl action. no we were not drunk/high.

shots. sex on the beach and illusion i think? nice!

lol! i always seem to get carried 😛

half of the group pic? lol. where’s the rest?!

starry! when is our next clubbing session?! i want bak kut teh!!!!

5 thoughts on “zoukie pinkie.”

  1. there goes my pristine image. -_-\”
    lol.. we can always go eat bkt w/o clubbing you know? =P

    nadnut: psst. i edited your comment. didnt want ppl to know who he is :P. pig trotters soon!


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