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fat people are harder to kidnap.

as some of you guys know, i absolutely adore funny slogan tees. when i saw this slogan, despite it being in green (i dont really wear green), i had to have it!

yes me acting cute. to be exact, he arranged the cap that way on me. so.. not my fault!

tiger brought me to A* for lunch. lol. the kopitiam is really called A*!

as some of you guys know, i abso-fucking-lutely adore stingray. i spotted this seafood stall which sells stingray with rice for only $3.80!!!!

my true love. 🙂

the stingray is not much but its damn worth it for $3.80. comes with an egg too! damn shiok and value for money!

nadnut’s rating: (to be exact, would have been 5 cans because its good and cheap but minus one can because it was tmd hot! but then its a kopitiam..)

i dont have the exact address but its located at amk interchange. yum!