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that thing about the phantom of the opera…

so excited!

waited for months. splurged that amount. woo hoo!

today’s the day. and i hope my cough will keep quiet during the performance. time to get ready. what to wear?! updates later. 😉


back! it was great! i loved the whole performance! thumbs up! i would go again if i had the $ man! i shall not say anymore about the play just incase i spoil it for those of you who are going. 😉

pics galore.

i spent a long time getting ready. all made up and wearing my m)phosis dress. heh.

i didnt understand why anyone wont dress up for the show. to me, i already paid so much for the tickets, might as well dress up and go. though there are some who turned up in t-shirts & jeans. o.O. erm, maybe im just being a vainpot, i guess?

jenad! she’s wearing a very pretty dress!

pls ignore the pig trotters.

i was making a face (to be exact pouting) at tiger and he suddenly snapped this. bah. tiger likes this pic a lot. -_-”

bought a small musical box that played a tune from the phantom of the opera!

bought a phantom pin and a gold phantom necklace. wooot. i go crazy with souveniors. sigh.

phantom bear!

me with the bear that tiger bought for me!

jenny said that she’ll only buy the bear if it was wearing a phantom mask. so i covered the bear’s face. 😛

nadnut and phantom bear. i love phantom bear!

had great fun. followed by supper at geylang (dimsum loving!) with my godbro. shiokadoodoo. die. its 3.13am now and i have class at 10am – 5pm. woo hoo.

time to concuss (and grow fat from sleeping with a full tummy). thank god we didnt eat durians. *burp*

12 thoughts on “that thing about the phantom of the opera…”

  1. wah lauu! he spend alot of u hor. *ahem* boo. 🙁

    going thailand anytime soon? HEHE.

    nadnut: oei. one bear only. tickets and other souveniors, laoniang paid wor. 


  2. Hhhmmm… I must confess i have never watched Phantom of the Opera before. I should get around to doing so, aye. 🙂

    nadnut: yeah u should. its great! 


  3. i\’m watching it next thurs! can\’t wait!! wheeee~ let\’s work hard for MR!

    nadnut: yeah! gambatte babe!


  4. Wow… I\’m watching on 1st May.. Cant wait.. Must remember to bring lots of money to buy the souveniors liao…

    nadnut: yeah! must buy something to remember!


  5. You look so sweet all made up! 🙂 Anyway I\’m super jealous of you. I wanted to watch Phantom but didn\’t buy tickets that time cos I was annoyed that I couldn\’t choose seats with online booking and I wasn\’t ready to pay top dollar for seats I can\’t personally choose. So now I\’m jealous of anyone who gets to watch it because I don\’t! Raaaaarhh!!

    nadnut: i was quite sad cause the amount i paid (cat 1 price) was only available for circle 1 (2nd floor) and above. argh. and after i bought my tix, they extended the dates! grrr. which means i could have actually gotten better seats for the amount i paid. grrrrrrrrrrrr.


  6. Oei! What\’s wrong with wearing tees and jeans to watch Phantom?!?!?! *Goes hide in one corner, heh :)*

    nadnut: erm. your tickets were free so you got excuse! 😛


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