Friends Pictures

sunday, 1st feb….

went to lydia’s place to ‘bai nian’…
shiok shiok eat tom yam steamboat! and lotsa food and gambled!
lost 10 bucks… -_-“
sad…. after tat went to lester’s chalet for his 21st birthday celebration…
a lot of ppl looked drunk…
needless to say, felt disgusted wiv drunk ppl, and didnt touch liquor at all!
tsk tsk tsk… left chalet early (early means after midnight….)
here are some pics we took at lydia’s place…

me and ryan… love his cute pink top!

de 3 pretty babes! haha~ candid shot! i wasnt ready! i looked dumb….

me and G! sweet sweet hor?

me, ming ming and G! properly pose liaoz…

nice nice ah?

more updates coming soon!

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