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The 4 Ms: MJ, Modiva, MSI and Me!

Today’s entry is about the 4 Ms!

First up!

Majolica Majorca!

Guess what guys?

Majolica Majorca is giving out 200 lovely exclusive mirrors! They’re so exclusive that even us – the MJ blog ambassadors do not have it! πŸ™

Wanna know how to win the mirror?

Here’s how! Just log on to and click on β€˜Present’ at the bottom left of the page to do a simple website survey. After which, fill in your personal details, click submit and wait to hear from Majolica Majorca! They will contact you via email if you win, so please remember to leave a valid email address!

You can apply from now till 30th June! I’m going to try to win this mirror! It’s really pretty!


Next up! Here’s a plug! My primary school friend Esther and her friends has set up a blog shop and I hope you guys can help support her!

Modiva has just launched their new collection with corsettes, floral prints and many other more!! So you all girls out there do check it out yaaaaa!!!


Yesterday, I attended the MSI X340 launch at Serenity Restaurant. Brought along 2 of my favourite liquidbladers, Natsu and Starmist. While the presentation was a tad unconventional, the point brought across was clear.

The MSI X340 was slim enough to fit into a bag, a file and even an envelope. It also weighed lighter than a 1.5l bottle, a watermelon that looked as if it got stunted while growing (something like me la) and a magazine.

It weighs a mere 1.3kg but it’s priced a tad heavier. The MSI X340 retails at a shocking $1,599 and runs on Vista unfortunately.

Pictures courtesy of the lovely Natsu πŸ™‚


And lastly, me!

Just some random camwhoring. I absolutely adore my geeky specs.

On another note, I think I’ve lost the knack for camwhoring. I stop after one or two pics. Bah. Need my mojo back!

On an another note, it seems like my complexion is getting better. Couple of my friends seems to have noticed some difference, for the life of me, I see no difference. Hmmm. Has Imedeen worked its magic on me? It’s been only a month. We’ll see in two months time.

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