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SAF50 at the Istana

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Some of you guys may not know this but c(hubby) is a government slave works for the army. (which explains the not happening hair colour, hairstyles and the lack of a camera phone)

Not too long ago, there was this huge event called SAF50 at the Istana where friends and family were able to join in.

Needless to say, as a loving wife who is supportive of my husband’s workplace/duties/career/etc, I wanted to attend.

Actually, i just wanted to check out the Istana lah. And also check out men in uniform. HURHUR!



There were various tentages where there were fun activities and games.


It was a fun time meeting his colleagues again and also checking out SAF50. Looking forward to more of such events! And yes, am just documenting this day of the c(hubby) in uniform in my blog :p

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