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Celebrating my 31st Birthday

This is a Sundate – #nadskai at it’s best entry. For more info about the themed blog posts, do read the entry here.

For my 31st birthday, the c(hubby) was so sweet to plan a 3 day celebration. It started on the Saturday 7th (the day before my birthday).

We decided to compromise on the celebration. I didn’t want anything extremely expensive and well, he listened to me. Well, he made it seem that he listened to me. LOL!!!!!

He made reservations at Koh Grill. My most favourite place in the world. HAHAHHAHA. Some may not like Shiok Maki but it’s my absolute favourite!




Happiness is a Shiok Maki away.

And as per our usual tradition, we always celebrate our birthdays with a Singapore Staycation. Last year, it was at Village Hotel Katong.

I am a bit fussy over birthday staycations though. I always prefer to have Club Lounge facilities and a bathtub. This usually means that the staycations would not be the most affordable. Oops.  Kinda contradicted my affordable birthday celebration. HAHAHHA.


C(hubby) booked the Royal Club Premiere Room at Royal Plaza on the Scotts (not sponsored wor! Well, it is sponsored by the hubby HAHAHAHA). Imagine our surprise when we were upgraded to a Suite?!

HAHAHHAHAAA. I love it when hotels have full occupancy. Thank you for the upgrade :p

I will be blogging a dedicated entry about my Staycation at Royal Plaza on the Scotts soon! So will share more on that entry. A room so beautiful deserves a proper entry heh.

C(hubby) had initially made reservations at Carousel (tsk! despite my violent objections cos $$$$) but because I was extremely stuffed after the Club Lounge snacks, we cancelled the reservation.



Upon checking out from the lovely Royal Plaza on the Scotts, I requested for Chinatown’s Mala. C(hubby) made a face and said I had really simple needs. LOL.

On the final day, the actual surprise came… my birthday dinner at Teppei. The extremely hard to book Japanese Omakase!



Will share about that soon too! Am uploading the pictures now actually.

Thanks c(hubby) for the birthday celebrations! Looking forward to spending every birthday with you <3

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