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CommunicAsia 2008- YAHOOOOOOOOOO!

I think I’m pretty old school. I keep using Yahoo to search for stuff instead of Google. Tiger is a big fan of Google and he’s been nagging me to switch. *gulps*

But but Yahoo auctions is way better. 😛

ANYWAY, we headed off to the Yahoo booth.

I was happily staring at the big thingaling on top when suddenly something cold was thrusted in my hands.

Ooooooh. What’s this?!

Icecream! If this is not bribery, I really do not what it is.

Unfortunately Rum & Raisin wasn’t one of my fave flavours so I promptly dumped it on either


or Esther. 😛

I found the flavours very very very familiar.

And guess what? It’s actually IceCreamChefs! (P/s – Ice Cream Chefs is featured in one of our episodes of Blogger’s Sweets!) I think I badgered a lot of people to keep taking Milo Peng for me. Oops! I remember Pris was one of them. Thanks Sweetie!

While Qiaoyun (i nearly wanted to type Sheylara but since I’m calling everyone by their actual names here, so Qiaoyun it is!) and I were greedily devouring our superb Milo Peng icecream, I sense a dark force hovering over us.

Or at least staring at us.

Turns out that it was Mark! LOL! Apparently he recognised us from SMB2 and did not say hi! Tsk tsk! Bad boy!

Anyway, he introduced us to his colleagues who showed us around. (Damn. All we wanted was to just eat more Milo Peng icecream. :X Just kidding!)

I really do not know why Sher is laughing at us. Is it because she got more Milo Peng while we were listening to this really nice gentleman (I totally forgotten his name. Yikes. Belated blogging is bad)?

He was explaining to us how the widgets works. (Correct me if I got the terminology wrong)

Shopping on Yahoo Auctions using your phone. Which is something I should not do. Broke!

There are many other widgets you can add to your phone for ease of browsing. Sounds fab!

We were then brought to another gentleman who introduced to us Yahoo’s newest invention called Yahoo! oneSearch.

As you can see, you can search for things by just saying it! It works only on BlackBerry phones at the moment which is a huge pity.

I tried searching for nadnut but all I got was this:

nadnut = recycling?

I do not know if its because nadnut is not an actual word or was it because of my accent. But it’s quite silly if it’s because of those two factors.

Cause I can search for nadnut on Yahoo and Google and get results and if its because of the “accent” then good luck to anyone else using it.

Qiaoyun tried searching for her nick too and got weird results. I say oneSearch needs more testing man. Fabulous idea but probably needs more tweaking.

That concludes the end of the tour of Yahoo’s booth. I forgotten to take pictures of the goodie bag! Yahoo gave this fab thingajig that looks like a little light thingy. When I pressed the button to “switch on the lights”, I got pleasantly surprised by the “YAHOOOOOOO!”.

This has to be one of my favourite doorgifts!

I forgotten to take pics with some of the bloggers who had left earlier! Oh well, I’m sure there’s another time. Here’s some pics of those who were still there.

Pretty Fidelis.

Who brings out the worst in me. 😛 Happy belated birthday babe!

Really shy and quiet Isaac whom I mistaken for as Ben. Alamak! Sorry! 🙁

My fellow SPI-ders! Kexin who is ALWAYS late. tsk tsk and Sweet Sher!

Once again, thanks to Sabrina and Gavin for the invites. 🙂

Aside from that, don’t forget to comment on the HP TouchSmart contest! There’s a few days left!

4 thoughts on “CommunicAsia 2008- YAHOOOOOOOOOO!”

  1. Hahaha, that makes me sound stalker like… so HEEELLLOOOOO!!!

    Anyways, thanks for coming down to the event! See ya at SMB 3! (And i’ll say hi, haha)


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