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Jacelyn’s birthday celebration!

The girls and Boss (Jace’s act shy but actually not so shy bf) planned a birthday celebration for Jacelyn.

What happened was that, Boss private messaged me on Facebook and asked to exchange contacts and discuss about the celebration. I asked Boss to even delete his sent and received messages on Facebook because I was scared he would kinda spoil the surprise like how I nearly spoilt Ching Chong Boy’s surprise because of my own foolishness. Bah.

Since Boss had a Blackberry, we discussed on BBM instead and I roped fellow Blackberry user Esther in! heh!

The plan was supposed to meet at 7pm at Ma Maison at the Central. Boss was supposed to just go paktor with Jace and we would have our own plans. We girls would “standby” at Ma Maison and surprise the birthday girl!

(Because it wasn’t her exact birthday, Jace didn’t guess anything! :p)

I met up with Sabrina first to head over to TheBlogShop! The silly girl has upgraded her car and gotten herself a Volkswagen Beetle Convertible! Ultimate chio!

We arrived at Ma Maison and found Esther there waiting patiently. (10 points to Esther for being the first to arrive!) and to our dismay, Fidelis was nowhere to be found!

Turns out Fidel had remembered the wrong time and had tot it was 7.30pm instead!

I had to message Boss to delay delay delay! Sabrina made some cock and bull story to Jace telling her how we both had quarreled to stall time. LOL.

While we managed to stall time, it seemed that we waited for ages for both Boss and Jace to arrive! In the end, we got restless and started talking nonsense. hurhur.

And finally the birthday girl arrived!

Random pics of us eating/camwhoring/food.

My dress is lovingly sponsored by TheBlogShop!

Love the cake that Esther went to buy. Very shiokadoos!

We bought a nice perfume for Jacelyn, hope she likes it!

After dinner, Esther had to head off.. we girls decided to stop for drinks at The Chupitos Bar. Quite an innovative concept, the bar features shots and they have very interesting combinations like Apple Pie etc.

It’s a nice place to chill. Shall pop by again soon!

Love these girls! More outings pls! <3

Pics by Sabrina, Esther, Jacelyn and yours truly!

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