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Remember the previous Mystery Makan sessions? If not, check out these entries here!

- My session at With A Pinch Of Salt
- Jacelyn's session at Nanjya Monjya
- Esther's session at Porn's
- Fidel's session at Barracks

And it was time for my turn again!

Singapore Lifestyle Blog, nadnut, mysterymakan, mystery makan, tea cosy

Hair freshly dyed!

Mystery Makan was something I came out with, we girls would take turns to plan for special makan places and bring each other. It was a great way to find out and experience new places that we might not have thought of before!

I had seen this place countless of times when I had went to the Yun Nam outlet in PS for my hair treatment sessions. My personal preference when choosing places to go was nice decor and when I saw this place, I knew I found THE place!

Singapore Lifestyle Blog, nadnut, mysterymakan, mystery makan, tea cosy

I chose Tea Cosy!

Here are some pics of the place!

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The girls and Boss (Jace's act shy but actually not so shy bf) planned a birthday celebration for Jacelyn.

What happened was that, Boss private messaged me on Facebook and asked to exchange contacts and discuss about the celebration. I asked Boss to even delete his sent and received messages on Facebook because I was scared he would kinda spoil the surprise like how I nearly spoilt Ching Chong Boy's surprise because of my own foolishness. Bah.

Since Boss had a Blackberry, we discussed on BBM instead and I roped fellow Blackberry user Esther in! heh!

The plan was supposed to meet at 7pm at Ma Maison at the Central. Boss was supposed to just go paktor with Jace and we would have our own plans. We girls would "standby" at Ma Maison and surprise the birthday girl!

(Because it wasn't her exact birthday, Jace didn't guess anything! :p)

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We girls have this tradition which I started: Surprise/secret makan outings.

Our first outing was makan at With a pinch of salt then Jacelyn brought us to some yummy Japanese teppanyaki and Esther had brought us once to steamboat and bbq!

This time, Esther organised a makan trip to Porns! Before that, we had went receeing for hotels for our Girly Staycation!

I shall begin the post with the outfit of the day!

Black dress and pink bag from TheBlogShop, leggings from AMK hub, wedges from elcheapo shop at bedok and Usagi hairband from pushcart shop at Bugis!

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My very talented other half has just turned 21 today! We had a fantastic bash on Saturday and here are some sneak peeks!

The theme was flamboyant colours and that made the pics all look so cheery and fun!

Oh no.. What were 6 bloggers in bed doing?

I'm afraid I can only blog about his birthday later... Books await now!

Now, do head over to Jayden's blog to wish him a very happy birthday!

P/s- I tweaked the colours of the pics, making it look more vibrant, is it a tad overdone?