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My very talented other half has just turned 21 today! We had a fantastic bash on Saturday and here are some sneak peeks!

The theme was flamboyant colours and that made the pics all look so cheery and fun!

Oh no.. What were 6 bloggers in bed doing?

I'm afraid I can only blog about his birthday later... Books await now!

Now, do head over to Jayden's blog to wish him a very happy birthday!

P/s- I tweaked the colours of the pics, making it look more vibrant, is it a tad overdone?


I think I'm pretty old school. I keep using Yahoo to search for stuff instead of Google. Tiger is a big fan of Google and he's been nagging me to switch. *gulps*

But but Yahoo auctions is way better. 😛

ANYWAY, we headed off to the Yahoo booth.

I was happily staring at the big thingaling on top when suddenly something cold was thrusted in my hands.

Ooooooh. What's this?!

Icecream! If this is not bribery, I really do not what it is.

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