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Battling Aunt Red..

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Most ladies get really annoyed when dearest Aunt Red decides to make her monthly visits.

Here are some steps to battle dearest Aunt Red!

1. Exercise

Even though most people would feel like resting in bed and not moving, it is actually better if you exercise! Nothing too vigorous. Try some light and easy exercises. Yoga or a light run would be good. I personally think exercising helps to increase the blood flow and thus helps eases the cramps. Ever since I started exercising regularly, I noticed that my cramps have lessened..

2. Eat.

I know it’s vile but Ginger tea is good for you. The mothership always preached to me the importance of ginger. Basically ginger helps eases pain and also helps neutralises stomach acid. If you’re not a fan of the ginger kind (brrr like me!), try taking Evening Primrose Oil. Epo helps especially with symptoms of pms like tender breasts, bloatedness and also cramps.

3. Hot water bottle

For me, I try my best not to take painkillers if I can. When I reallllllly cannot take it, then I’ll resort to painkillers. I always prepare a hot water bottle when I’m having my period. Somehow or rather, the warm bottle on my abdomen helps eases the cramps and make it bearable. I always sleep with the hot water bottle to ensure a good night rest.

4. Use Whisper Super Long Overnights

I always feel secure when I use overnight pads. Because of their length (40cm!), they help prevent leakage worries and also ensures better coverage. I like that their Revolutionary 3D Absorbent Core is designed to fit our body curves. Makes me feel comfortable even when I toss and turn when I sleep.

Revolutionary 3D Absorbent Core: Centre-up absorbent core, designed to fit your body curve which prevents fluid running along your skin, no matter how you move during sleep.


These are a few of my suggestions to help ease your cramps and also to have a happy period! Do you have any tips to share to? Would love to hear them! Do comment!

*This is a personal opinion of the blogger. This writing contains clinical information quoted from other books and internet sources.

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