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Are you happy that it’s here?

Aunt Red. Aunt Ruby. Good Friend. Da Yi Ma. The Crimson Wave. Aunt Flo. Monthly Visit. Time Of The Month.

These are the various nicknames we give to our periods. And most of the time, we tend to dread having our periods because of the cramps, of how period inconveniences our lives.

I for one, dislike my periods especially on the first two days because of the horrible cramps I suffer from. In fact, I used to put “Stop cramping my style” as my msn nickname to “warn” my ex that Aunt Red was here so that he would be extra careful around me.

I’m not the most cheerful person during my periods, you see.

I attended Whisper’s event last month and it totally changed my perception about periods. Do you know that there is more to your periods than that 5 – 7 days of bleeding?

I’ll be sharing with you more about “secrets of the cycle” soon! Keep a lookout for it on August 19th onwards!

And for now? Here are some pictures of the event plus the yummy goodie bags that we got.

I made a joke that I was dressed like a period, the ones in white are the pads, the blue is that stripe on the pads and the black are the blood clots. 😛

This cloud is so cute lah!

The macaroons from Canele is damn delish! *craving for them again*

Find out more about Whisper’s Happy It’s Here campaign soon! 🙂

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