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I’m not happy it’s not here!

It’s way past day 28 of my cycle. It’s like day 31 of my cycle? As usual, Aunt Red is late. I’ve been suffering from lots of pimples and blackheads for the last few days due to the mad raging hormones. I’m not happy it’s not here! I want my period pronto! (also due to the fact we burn carbs better during our period!)

This is actually the pre-menstrual period, which is basically day 22 – 28 of the cycle. PMS kicks in during this period partly because progesterone continues to dominate the hormone level which is why we suffer from greasier hair and a spotty complexion. For more information about the cycle, do check out the website!

My only remedy so far is to use a mask. My favourite mask would have to be the Kose White Mask (which really is a black mask, I don’t get it why they call it a white mask) which some of my female blogger friends recommended.

So that gets rid of the blackheads but the pimples? Any remedies would you recommend? I read that you could use tea tree oil and I’m thinking of trying it. Natural = good right?

Any recommendations?

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  1. the kose mask white is a whitening mask, as well as removing impurities, blackheads and facial hair from your face 🙂 but very drying once you use it. so remember to finish it off with moisturizer. can recommend you the soothing blemish gel from 😉 pimples will flatten after a few days. it smells like tea tree oil.


  2. I usually use a scrub to remove blackheads and tone it with rose water toner. As for the pimples, I apply a dab of Artistry pore cleansing mask on the problem areas and leave it to dry overnight. Works for me every time to get rid of the pimples. Tea tree oil is a great natural solution but it took a pretty long time to see results when I tried it.


  3. My number one favourite would definitely be the Egg White Face Mask. I use real egg whites, beat it, spread it across my face, then dab cotton pads with remaining egg white and “paste” it over my face like a mask. It may take about 3 hours to dry but works like miracle!

    Great for removing black/whiteheads, tightening, moisturizing, whitening, pores minimizing. And it’s cheap and natural!


  4. i really hate blackheads !! so hard to remove =( let me know if you find the best solution ok ? the stupid peel-off nose thingy so do not work for


  5. Jacelyn: Sounds great! I’ll go check it out!

    ann: Thanks for the tips babe!

    dinogirl: Any brand in particular?

    Belinda: I’ll try it! Thanks for the tips!

    iammyy: Yeah! That pore pack thingajig doesn’t work for me at all! grrr


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