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Secrets of the cycle revealed!

Remember my previous entry? Whisper has approached Valerie and yours truly to share interesting tidbits about the secrets of the cycle!

Aside from that, we’ll be checking if those secrets prove true! Wanna know when you’ll be pmsing? Or when you’ll be blessed with better hair days or better sense of smell? I’ll be sharing all of these information with you guys!

It’s currently the 15th day of my cycle.

The 15th to the 21st day of the cycle is called the Post-Ovulation stage. This is where we usually experience the first signs of PMS.

And boy, did Ching Chong Boy had it bad. I was miffed at him earlier today and was having some drastic mood swings. Now that I know that between the 15 – 18 days of my cycle, I’ll be experiencing  irritability, bloating and mood swings, I’ll most probably exercise any frustrations I may face between these few days.

Wanna know more secrets of the cycle? Stay tuned to my entries! Aside from that, do check out the website and the Facebook group!

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