What does your sleeping position say about you?

How do you sleep? Do you sleep on your back, on your side or just sprawled over the bed? Here’s my tongue in cheek “anyhowly” personality by Doctor nadnut!

What does YOUR sleeping position say about you? by – Doctor nadnut!

The Foetus position.

“People sleeping in this position ah, always act very tough infront of other people. But acherly ah, they just want to be protected by others. Act tou

gh only nia but actually very sensitive and scared. Like durian lor. Outside pokey pokey one but inside very the soft!”

The Yearner Position.

“Dunno why everywhere else write as if people in yearner position veryvery lonely lor. See the hands stretched out? Macam want someone to hug. Someone pls throw her a bolster!” suspicious or cynical lor. I think people who sleep in this position

The Starfish position.

“Everywhere else hor write that these people sleep in this position are very good lor. Good listeners, very helpful and don’t like to be centre of attention. I say nonsense! Obviously these kind of people not very considerate lor. Take so much space. Confirm very noisy also cause sleep on back more prone to snore!”

The Prayer position.

“Similiar to the foetus position. I think people sleeping in this position do not feel well wor. Either they are very cold or they are feeling sick! Very poor thing leh!”

The Sleeping Beauty position.

“This one ah, must be very demure, and well mannered. She try to sleep using as little space as possible and see hor, the hands? Must be don’t move around a lot!”

The Freefall position.

“It is said that hor freefallers are outgoing, brash and very thickskinned. But I dunno leh? I see the position macam the people do not like confrontations and wants to just siam their problems hor?”

Aiyah, this is just what I think by observing their sleeping patterns wor. Anyway, Doctor nadnut thinks hor, no matter what ever sleeping position you sleep in, just remember to be comfortable to enjoy a good night sleep. Sleep in something comfy, keep cool, have the aircon/fan on, use Whisper Overnights if you’re having your period and lotsa pillows! I must surround myself with a crazy amount of pillows and stuffed toys. And I can’t sleep well without my favourite stuffed toy.

What’s your sleeping position like? And what can’t you sleep without? Tell me!

2 thoughts on “What does your sleeping position say about you?”

  1. I sleep in the sleeping beauty position, my friends have commented on it before saying I looked like I was dead.. haha! The model is really pretty! I like your dress!


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