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I can be such a cold hearted bitch sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong, It’s not like I am a total bitch all of the time. On the contrary, I think I’m 70% easygoing at times. As I grow older, I find that I tend to take things easier and I hardly explode that much (compared to last time la!) unless things get really bad.

But this actually makes it worse!

How so?

Instead of confronting friends and having a “showdown”, I tend to just shut them out of my life instead. I will shut them out for months or even years or even forever. Especially when I “ren” for so long or if I’ve taken enough bullshit.

I have no qualms to pressing the “delete” button. If I get hurt/disappointed once by someone, there’s a chance it’ll happen again. My defense mechanism will then be activated almost immediately.

Ah well.

I never did say that I was a nice person, did I?

4 thoughts on “I can be such a cold hearted bitch sometimes.”

  1. As we all get older, our times get more precious. So it’s only natural to filter out the people who don’t add to your happiness. And most of the time, true friends don’t need you to tell them that they’ve done something wrong.


  2. SAME. that’s what i do.
    people tend to think i’m very er “cold” or wdv when i shut them off, ignore them and stuff.
    but seriously, it’s best to just ignore them cause there’s no point quarelling anymore


  3. And I thought I was a rare breed haha I guess I’m wrong 😛 I get extremely disappointed when my friends do something wrong because I tend to put my all into friendships. For me, it’s easier to forget (after a few months or years) the pain than to forgive the deed. But of course if I ever talk to these people again, I’d be wary.


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