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Are you being served?

I think you guys would have probably heard about the Are you being served website from Krisandro, Claudia, Molemole, Lesterchan or Hpility… Here’s my turn to go on a mission!

Friends would know that I could be the best or the worst customer ever. I am very particular about service standards. If the service is good, I’ll be sure to compliment the servers/write a good review/sometimes even email the restaurant complementing the service and the staff involved.

But when the service is bad, I’ll be sure to complain. I’m never one to mince my words. For this mission, I was thinking of visiting a semi buffet restaurant with a bunch of friends. I’ll definitely take note of how the service is like, especially during peak periods, whether they’ll be able to keep their cool while busy. Aside from that, I’ll be able the servers some questions about the type of dishes they’ll recommend I order. Basically it’ll be a test of product knowledge and professionalism.

Let’s see how it goes! Any suggestions to what else I should do?

2 thoughts on “Are you being served?”

  1. Oo, sounds fun! I’m a stickler for good service and if the place has bad service, I tell EVERYONE, so yeah – restaurants/shops better not cross my path.

    Suggestions on things to do:
    – Ask for water (cold no ice, room temperature, hot)
    – Ask to replace selected items in a dish (e.g. in a sushi plate, ask to change the salmon for tuna)
    – Explain to the waiter who’s taking your order that you’re allergic to certain things (seafood, dairy products, peanuts) and ask them to recommend a dish

    If you ever need an accomplice, let me know! 🙂


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