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Day out with the girls.

A few months back, I met up with Jacelyn and Fidel for lunch at Ikea Tampines. Esther couldn’t join us cause she had something on. 🙁

Pwetty Fidel. I have the same dress as her! We got it from theblogshop!

Jacelyn’s top says I love shoes, bags and boys if I’m right! Cute!

Me! Got my top from! Love the cute bows!

We ordered a crazy amount of food and in the end we couldn’t finish it! Never order food when you’re hungry! You’ll tend to over order!

My favourites would have to be the…

Yummy meatballs! (don’t like the potatoes though)


The Daim cake! Fidel has been talking about the Daim cake for ages and we’ve been meaning to go to Ikea together for ages but we kept postponing! Finally got to try it. Damn good!

After that, I had to leave for a potluck party but the girls went off to catch a movie together…


On another occasion, Fidel and I met up to do our nails together at Milly’s!

Her ribbon dress from theblogshop is uber cute! Totally regretted not getting one too!

I was torn between two nail designs so I chose for Fidel one of them!

I got a sweet pastel gradiation manicure.

Coupled with blings and snowflakes!

And here’s the juicy couture inspired one that I chose for Fidel!

Do check out Milly’s!


Do visit Milly’s newest outlet at Bugis Village Extension, Level 2 @ Bom Bom Street! Milly’s is offering some fab promotions right now!

Remember to call Millys (at 8383 5395) to make an appointment!

4 thoughts on “Day out with the girls.”

  1. Hi, Nad. I’m just curious….aren’t you a Muslim? I thought you were but I’m not too sure. The Ikea meatballs do contain pork, don’t they?


    nadnut Reply:

    Hi there. I’m not a muslim, i’m a freethinker 🙂


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