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For pouty lips, remember to use lipgloss!

I think lipgloss makes a world of a difference. Without gloss, my lips are horribly dry, chapped and unattractive. With a touch of gloss, I feel that my lips seem softer and more voluminous!

I for one, prefer to use lipgloss over lipstick. I find that lipsticks are really dry and coupled with the fact that my lips are dry to begin with, it doesn’t really help the condition of my lips!

MJ has recently announced the arrival of 2 lovely products and they are…. *drumrolls*

Honey Pump Gloss Neo and Honey Pump Lip Essence!

The Honey Pump Lip Essence is a new addition to the MJ Team!

It’s really good for people with super dry lips like mine as it contains Acacia honey, Royal jelly extract, Beeswax and DPG. Not only that, it really spreads effortlessly, isn’t greasy or sticky imho. It’s texture is a bit more sticky as compared to Majex.

But it’s like comparing an apple to an orange! One is an essence while the other is a lip balm. It really depends on what you prefer..

But if you were to compare, I’ll definitely prefer the Honey Pump Gloss Neo as I like its voluminising effect!

Honey Pump Gloss Neo is actually an enhanced version of Honey Pump Gloss.

What’s the difference, I hear you ask? This lovely version gives you even more moisture as it contains royal honey EX. Not only that, because of its rich formulation with high viscosity lipid, it creates a voluminous effect on your lips! The honeydew gloss smells really yummy too!

I played around with both Honey Pump Lip Essence and Honey Pump Gloss Neo and I think that you can use these 2 together or on its own. My personal recommendation would be to apply Honey Pump Lip Essence before applying Honey Pump Gloss Neo.Which is the effect you see in the picture of my lips above.

Have you girls tried it? Let me know which do you prefer!

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